To raise awareness among hearing-impaired cyclists the opportunity to race and friendship ties, as well as enhance the hearing-impaired cyclist of the technical standards, as well as to cultivate Taiwan's bicycle more hearing-impaired young athletes, through organized Tour de Formosa tournament race, marketing the beauty of Taiwan culture and landscape, and enhance Taiwan's visibility; modeled on the historic Tour de France tournament, who wish to apply for this competition to become a major international cycling event.



National Council on Physical Education Fitness and Sports, Intenational Committee Sports of Deaf ICSD



Chinese Taipei Sports Association Of The Deaf



Chinese Taipei Challenger Association .



1.Taiwan all County and City Government and Sports Committee.

2.County and municipal  police stations

3.Chinese Taipei cycling Assosiation



Oct.29-Nov.7, 2010. 7 stages.


License and document inspection and Team Leaders Meeting:

Oct.29Friday, 2008.


Competition Eligibility:

1.As long as they are holders of National Cycling Association license issued to the players, men and women players can participate in competitions.

2.Deaf, defined as a hearing loss of at least 55dB in the better ear (3 tone frequency average of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 Hertz, ANSI 1969 standard);


The number of each team:

1.Four riders and two Team Staff.

2.Chinese Taipei Teams Athletes are unlimited


Registration information and dates 

From today until September 1, 2010 deadline, you're ready passport, identity card and a photocopy of race team apparel photos, and fill out application forms apply to Chinese Taipei  Sports Association Of The Deaf.

 Address2F,No.55, Changji St., Datong Dist.,Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Email Addressdeaf.sports@msa.hinet.net



1.National teams race vehicles and clothing must be consistent, and the leader of the meeting must be registered to the Organizing Committee.

2.All teams staff, players, vehicles must be self-insured insurance, during the Games Organizing Committee is only responsible for the activities of participating insurance accident insurance.


Format for Race:

The real starts in a group , riders shall follow the instruction of the Chief Commissaire in last 50-70km open the race, The top 4 individual ranking shall result in the riders being awarded the following points.












The regulation:

1.The Cycling Road competitions will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the UCI (version on 01.01.08)

2.Not using hearing aids or external cochlear implant aids during any deaf-sport events.


Equipment clothing:

Must put on the working dress, the bicycle-drawn trailer special-purpose shoes, to wear the hard helmet. The equipment does not gather the stipulator, does not permit the competition.



Determines the overall result position based on 7 station integral's total integral height, (will proclaim for prize, certificate, medal achievement encourages).



1.Procedure: the leader or a coach in the game within 30 minutes after the announcement of results in writing to the Judicial Committee of the General Assembly to protest the same time, a deposit of NT 5,000. The Judicial Committee's decision for the final outcome of the protest was reached, the paid deposit will be forfeited, as the General Assembly fund.

2.Not allowed to question referees during the competition on the spot in order to safeguard competition can be conducted smoothly.



1.Free of entry fee.

2.National team's air fare paid by the countries themselves. The traffic during the competition in Taiwan, transfer (including transfer machine), meals and hotel paid by the host country.


The regulations after submitting report the National Council on Physical Education Fitness and Sports considers implement, when revision also with.


Application Form in English - Download

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